Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome - This blog contains the post "Introducing Solar Cooking to the World", originally posted in February 2008 by Sam Carana, with many comments following soon after posting. Some further figures were added in a 2010 comment.

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The use of solar cookers could be encouraged through feebates, such as imposing fees on burning fuel (i.e. fossil fuel, biomass, dung, charcoal, etc.) and using part of the revenues for rebates on sales of solar cookers.

Parts of the revenues could also be used to fund rebates on electric appliances (stoves, fridges and heaters) as well as lights. Furthermore, parts of the revenues could be used to support the shift to clean and safe ways to produce electricity.

In parallel, fees on engines could generate funding for rebates on the batteries and motors in electric vehicles. Having an electric vehicle parked close to their house will allow a family to use the battery for powering lights, appliances and equipment such as TVs and computers.

The image below illustrates this further.

Image from: Towards a Sustainable Economy